Have you had an inspection?
Do you have an inspection coming up?

Generally your regulatory agencies (each one of them) have a 3 year schedule to visit your facility and review the cleanliness and organization of your facility. Depending on the Regulatory Agency, they will review your submitted paperwork that may include:

  • Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan
  • Storm Water Pollution Prevention Training
  • Facility Map – Storm Water
  • Hazardous Material Management Plan
  • Emergency Contact Information
  • Facility Map – HazMat
  • Emergency Response Plan
  • Fire and Electrical Safety
  • Employee Safety & Training
  • … perhaps more…

In addition to a paperwork review they usually do a physical inspection for Safety and Cleanliness. Following the inspection they will provide you a report with a list of items that they have noted for you to address and correct for you to “Return to Compliance”.

If you are lucky enough to have an appointment in the future, we will conduct a review of your facility on-site to alert you to what the inspectors may look for so you can have a “Return to Compliance” report as short as possible… Hopefully one that states “No Violations!”

If you are not a current client you wouldn’t know that I do this inspection every time I am at your facility, which is every few weeks as we start our relationship, then Monthly and Quarterly as we grow together. (as often as necessary and included in our Program fees)

After an Inspection

When you inspection has been concluded your “Return to Compliance” report may look like a lot. We will review it with you, and boil it down to a “to Do List” with a timeline to make the corrections within the requested timeline of the inspecting agency. With our relationships with these agencies, we may need to ask for an extension, but generally that isn’t even necessary.

We will get back to compliance together.