Recycling Art? Pollution Art?

Although we don’t condone Pollution Art, there is beauty in the world, even pollution. What ever you do DO NOT become a Pollution Artist, unless you do it in a safe controlled way.

One of the first beauties of Hazardous Waste that I had seen was from a Waste Disposal Facility that vitrified hazardous waste by essentially capturing it in glass. The end waste looked like black obsidian with tan caramel swirls in it. The company had chunks of this “Vitrified Hazardous Waste” at a HazMat trade show that I attended in the early 90’s when I was primarily focused in Hazardous Waste Brokering (recycling). This “Vitrified Hazardous Waste” was stable enough that they said, it was safe enough to be ground up and recycled as a component of asphalt used paving roads.
……As time went by, this facility appears to now be a Superfund Cleanup Site. I am unaware if the vitrification technology they used wasn’t what they hoped it was, or if there was something else that apparently went wrong. Good thing, I never turned that beautiful piece of vitrified hazardous waste into jewelry for my wife!

I don’t recall where I came across this Drain Skeleton. The oil sheen was a grocery store parking lot in Sacramento, CA