Identification of Non-Storm Water Discharges (NSWDs)

Non‐stormwater discharges (NSWDs) consist of discharges which do not originate from precipitation events (Rain). The IGP provides allowances for specified NSWDs provided they:

  • Do not cause erosion;
  • Do not carry other pollutants;
  • Are not prohibited by the local MS4; and
  • Do not require a separate NPDES Permit from the Regional Water Board.

NSWDs into storm drainage systems or waterways, which are not authorized under the IGP and listed in the SWPPP, or authorized under a separate NPDES permit, are prohibited.

Non‐stormwater discharges that are authorized at this facility include the following:

  • Fire hydrant and fire sprinkler/riser testing.
  • Air conditioning condensate.
  • Landscaping irrigation.
  • Emergency Eyewash/Shower Test Water;

These authorized NSWDs will be managed with the stormwater and non‐stormwater BMPs. These BMPs are implemented to:

  • Reduce or prevent the contact of authorized NSWDs with materials or equipment that are potential sources of pollutants;
  • Reduce, to the extent practicable, the flow or volume of authorized NSWDs;
  • Ensure that authorized NSWDs do not contain quantities of pollutants that cause or contribute to an exceedance of a water quality standards; and
  • Reduce or prevent discharges of pollutants in authorized NSWDs in a manner that reflects best industry practice considering technological availability and economic practicability and achievability.