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Facility Numbers

If you are here, there is a pretty good chance that you are regulated by a few regulatory agencies:

  • Federal EPA
  • California EPA
    • California – State Department of Toxic Substances (DTSC-Cal EPA)
    • California State Water Resources Control Board
      • Regional Water Quality Control Board (RWQCB-Cal EPA)
  • County Environmental Management Department

Depending on your Industry you may need regulatory numbers (or permits that have numbers) in some of all of the above.

Storm Water Numbers

If you are in an industry that is regulated by California’s Storm Water Program you will need a WDID number. This is actually your facility alerting the State that you are going to allow rain to fall on your facilities “Industrial Activities” and you are requesting a “Permit” to let the rain leave your property.

The WDID requires:

  • a Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP)
  • a Monitoring and Reporting Plan
  • a Map of your facility that includes a number of details and observation of where and ho water flows at your facility and where is leaves your facility, flows onto your facility and where else it MIGHT leave your facility… among other things.
  • and an annual fee to the State Water Resource Control Board (SWRCB) …currently around $1,750 annually (07/2022)
    (State Water Resource Control Board – a division of CalEPA)

EPA ID Numbers

Great news!! is this one is FREE from the DTSC!!! (Department of Toxic Substances – a division of CalEPA)

If your facility “generates” hazardous waste you will need this number to have the hazardous waste hauled from your facility.

Annually the DTSC sends out (now electronically) an eVQ questionnaire. If you don’t answer it they will make your EPA ID number “Inactive”. The eVQ is confirming a few things including how large your facility is (number of employees), address and how much hazardous waste has been transported from your facility to a TSDF
(yes, more acronyms… Treatment Storage & Disposal Facility) (excluding Used Motor Oil and Used Anti Freeze, which are shipped on a modified milk run manifest, because they are so common)

The eVQ will allow you a couple of drums of hazardous waste for free, the next few are only $3.50 or $7.50 per drum depending on if they are recycled or not.
(at this price, it’s the best deal in the Hazardous Material/Waste World!)

County Facility Identification Number

Your county is probably watching you too.

They are the local “arm of the Law” and are generally the first to inspect your facility. They will give you a “Facility Number” to ID you, then send invoices to you.

In California, most (probably all) counties are now having facilities submit their reports to a State website called CERS, where you will have a CERS ID Number. These reports will include:

  • Emergency Contact List
  • Emergency Response Contingency Plans
  • Hazardous Materials List
  • Facility Map (that identifies emergency shut offs, Hazardous Material and Waste storage and use locations, and a number of other required components on your Map.

These are primarily for the use of emergency response personnel, in the event Firefighters had to respond to your facility (or a close neighbor) this information may be life saving for emergency response people.