Here are a few Terms and Links to filtration devices that you may need.

Straw Wattles (not “waddles”)

Straw Wattles are man made tubes of compressed straw, wheat or rice, also known as erosion logs. They provide perimeter protection along contours or at the base of slopes, inlets and roadways to reduce soil erosion, runoff and retain sediment. Straw Wattles are also used to intercept water running down a slope.

Straw Wattle

Straw Wattles can usually be found to cost between $25-35 and are usually about 8 inch diameter and 20-25 ft long. Check with Home Depot, Lowes, White Cap, True Value and Irrigation supply stores.

Drain Filters

There are a variety of drain filters. Drain filters generally are difficult to sample with. The grate holds the filter in place and it’s nearly impossible to collect a sample under the filter. Some are only particulate filters, some may reduce metals or petroleum pollutants. The ones that “may” reduce metals or petroleum pollutants cost more.

UltraTech 9217

The above photo is the UltraTech 9217 they are available on Amazon for about $40. These inexpensive ones are pretty good at filtering particulates.

Sand Bags or “Tube” sand bags

Regular sand bags and “Tube” sand bags are both options for barriers that prevent water from flowing where you don’t want it to go or direction it to where you want it to go. The Sand Bag Store has a lot to choose from and in a variety of colors and lengths. We are not affiliated. Veteran Owned!

Other Media Filters

SiltSoxx by Filtrexx makes some options. White Cap may have them in stock.